EARLY is a DAO centered around applied practical longevity. The frameworks for what we should do wach day to optimize our longevity are largely known, but we lack the feedback loop to accurately track, reflect, and iterate on our performance.

My vision for EARLY centers around four key components: the software platform, the community-driven podcast, a longevity compendium, and short-form video content.

The software platform will enable members to:

  1. Track their key longevity metrics (exercise, sleep, nutrition, etc.)
  2. Integrate with existing data aggregators (Apple Health, Oura, Levels CGM, etc.)
  3. Provide a community message board for members to share their reflections centering around their performance (similar to a quarterly shareholders letter)
  4. Have a dashboard with editable data grids and visualizations for key metrics

The community-driven podcast is for members to come on, read their reflection letter, and discuss how they apply the principles of longevity "in the wild". It is one thing to know what to do (zone 2 cardio, strength training, sleep 8 hours, meditate, etc.), but another to be vulnerable, share wins as well as shortcomings. This production illustrates how members fit their longevity practice into their already busy lives with jobs, kids, responsibilities, etc.

The longevity compendium is an open-source, living document that is up-to-date with the latest in longevity science. It's a one-stop-shop handbook for what is currently accepted as truth and its protocol dictates how the software platform "thinks" and tracks longevity metrics. It's structured like documentation, providing both qualitative and quantitative metrics along with a detailed bibliography and current gaps/hortcomings.

Short-form video is the content arm on the community. It's produced by members, combining social proof (I did it) with the knowledge and ability to articulate it in a way that is engaging. Short-form video is naturally viral and the barrier to create is lower than ever before, giving solid ground for the podcast to extend from.

With these four pieces, it lends itself to many different kinds of contributors: software engineers to build the platform, researchers for the compendium, creators for short-form video, and practitioners to use the platform to track their health (anonymized with wallet authentication). All contributors are incentivized with governance tokens and dictate the roadmap and direction of the DAO.