Things I’ve built that are uniquely interesting to me.

I’ve worked on a number of little projects over the year, but these are a collection of the ones that I find most interesting. Check them out and let me know what you think.


    DAO for longevity practitioners.

  • Blynd

    Decision-free food ordering platform

  • MenYou

    Share your must-have meals at your go-to spots with your day-one peeps.

  • NFT Health Game

    Mint an NFT of your favorite health influencer and instruct a student with their signature health techniques. Deployed on Rinkeby.

  • PeloNFT

    Inspired by Loot, the PeloNFT collection lets you mint your own Peloton workout with workout attibutes generated randomly and completely on-chain. Deployed on Rinkeby.